Company philosophy

Gigler Elektronik manufactures and develops electronics – easy components but also complex electronic devices or systems.

The portfolio incorporates product conceptions, hardware and software design, populate printed circuit boards (SMD / THT), final assembly and shipping.

Our customers belong to different sectors: automobile, energy, information, communications, medicine, environment, control.

Gigler Elektronik GmbH – your EMS service provider:

  • for quantity (prototype, high-volume)
  • with high flexibility and short cycle times
  • with a complete modular range of services

Our Services:

  • EMS provider (Electronic Manufacturing Service)
  • Development
  • Supplier Management à SAP
  • Material Procurement à SAP
  • Populate printed circuit boards (SMD, BGA, THT)
  • Soldering (vapor phase, reflow, wave soldering)
  • Cable assembly incl. electrical test
  • Installation
  • Optical control
  • Electrical tests (FAT)

100% All Inclusive

Gigler Elektronik provides advise through a project manager in the development phase, through the series production phase including after sales support for technology and logistics. A contact person closely coordinates the activities with customers, suppliers, production units and technical institutes.

One emphasis is the CIP thought process (Continuous Improvement Process), which we take into account in the entire supply chain. The employees and partners are effectively integrated here. We strive to carry out value analysis in the entire process chain in order to produce your product as cost-effectively as possible.


  • Acquisition of another production hall on the adjacent property

    Acquisition of a selective soldering system

    Acquisition tester for automotive

  • Acquisition of another SMD line
  • Acquisition of an automatic dosing machine
  • Acquisition fully automatic cutting and stripping system
  • Zertifizierung unserer Niederlassung in Ungarn nach ISO 9001: 2015

    Certification of our subsidiary in Hungary according to ISO 9001: 2015

    Expansion of our production:
    As of August 1, 2015, Gigler Mechatronik KFT opens in Hungary.

    Gigler is now also in Hungary – We are expanding our production

  • New soccer jerseys for SV Konzell

    95% of the 100,000,000 components have been assembled since 2007

    New construction of a warehouse

    Gigler counts 36 employees

    Purchase of new screen printers

    Purchase of 2 new SMD placement modules

    Acquisition of 2 new AOI systems

  • New partnership agreed in the field of plastics technology

    Acquisition ICT – test system

    Acquisition of paint shop

  • Acquisition of a new placement machine

    Acquisition of a fully automatic stencil printer

  • Acquisition of a new reflow brazing furnace and nitrogen self-production

    SAP introduced as ERP system

  • Expansion of the production area through the construction of a three-story hall (1,500 m²)
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Expansion of soldering processes for lead-free processes
  • Expansion of SMD production with inline assembly line and vapor phase soldering
  • Investment in cable processing equipment and CNC milling
  • Entry into SMD technology
  • New construction of the production hall in Konzell
  • Entry into the printed circuit board assembly
  • Company foundation by Mr. Gigler in Zandt as an assembly company

Our Customers

… are coming from all segments of the industry as well as from the fields of aerospace medical technology.

We are fortunate to be the supplier for many medium-sized companies as well as engineering firms.

The many years of loyalty of our business partners is both a confirmation and motivation continue our efforts, to maintain the highest quality and functionality and even to wherever possible.

Gigler Elektronik is always looking to invest in technology,
to be an attractive partner for your products.