Quality and environmental policy

100% All Inclusive we guarantee a continuous quality management from procurement till shipment with a high certainty of quality.

Processes and quality are continuously improved and all the individual operations are certified based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In addition, we work and assess our products and services according to the IPC international guidelines.

  • Acceptance criteria for electronic modulese IPC-A-610
  • Requirements and acceptance criteria for cable and cable harness modules IPC-A-620

In our company, environmental protection implies consciously assuming responsibility for the future and to act in the interests of the company at the same time.
We consider environmental aspects in all our decisions in a consistent, systematic and foresighted manner. In order to conserve the environment, we use recyclable materials and packaging as well as low-emission production methods. By dealing with the environment and resources in a responsible manner, we make a good contribution to the environment and the future generation. In addition, we also save costs by the reduced consumption of resources.

Corporate culture

We want to convince our customers about our services through superior processes.

Quality management

The constantly growing complexity of technology, the increased quality awareness of the customer and also the changed market situation require us to constantly increase our productivity.

Quality objectives

The basic objective of our quality policy is to aim for “zero-defect quality”. In order to achieve this objective, our company has set itself the following measurable quality objectives:

  • Reducing the number of errors to zero
  • Reducing the rework times
  • Increasing the employee satisfaction
  • Long-term growth and partnerships with customers
  • Active customer retention
  • Improving suggestion systems in the operations

You can obtain detailed information on all the other topics from the head of quality management as well.


Gigler Elektronik GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.