SMD – surface-mounted device is a technical term from the electronics industry. SMDs are electronic components that are soldered directly onto a surface having conductive tracks. The technology used for this purpose is surface mounting technology (SMT). The advantage here is the small distance between the solder contacts, component dimensions and the absence of holes in the circuit boards.

In contrast to through-hole assembly components (Through Hole Technology THT), “wired components”, the SMD components do not have any wired connections.

SMD – We fit small, medium-sized and large production runs

Our experience in the field of automatic assembly ensures consistent quality using modern technology for our customers.
Using optical centring, components can be assembled up to a spacing of 0.3 mm.

  • SMD assembly
  • Solder paste imprinting
  • Solder paste dispenser
  • Reflow and wave soldering
  • Visual inspection MD-Bestückung


Inline assembly for SMD modules

Stencil printe

  • Fully automatic inline stencil printing system
  • Screen printing checking by optical inspection (AOI) using high-resolution line camera system
  • Integrated cleaning system and process monitoring

SMD assembly 

  • 4 machines are being used
  • Assembly of all common models of 01005, BGA, Melf, SOT etc.
  • Highlight: Assembly area 1.000 mm * 460 mm und 1.250 mm * 395 mm
  • integrated measurement and tracing system
  • Turret method includes up to 8 components Bestückungsmaschinen in Gebrauch

Soldering technology