THT Manufacturing

Through-hole technology is the conventional printed circuit board assembly technology.
In the packaging of integrated circuits, through-hole technology (THT) is a method of assembling wired electronic components. In contrast to the surface mount technology (SMT), the through hole assembly is characterised by the fact that the components are provided with connection wires. In this method, the contact holes are calculated (insertion holes), drilled and contacted. During assembly, the wired connections are inserted through the circuit board using the contact holes and then joined by soldering (conventional manual soldering, wave soldering or selective soldering).

  • Assembly with programmable assembly tables
  • Component processing
  • Cable processing
  • Preassembly
  • Pressfit technology/Cutting-clamping technology auteilbearbeitung

Manual assembly is also possible!

Our semi-automatic assembly tables guarantee high quality in case of manual assembly.
The semi-automatic assembly of printed circuit boards is very economical for small batches or sample parts.