We assemble all types of printed circuit boards

in small and medium-sized batches

Modern assembly machines for SMD assembly, different soldering technologies and soldering machines, appropriate manual workstations and our trained staff guarantee quick and careful workmanship. GIGLER Elektronik stands for quality and flexibility. We focus on simple changeovers and quick product changes. Thus, even small batches can be manufactured with high, consistent quality at relatively low prices. Our typical production batches range from one single module up to thousands. Bulk goods are not on the centre stage as yet but we are ready to extend our options if required.

we assemble:

  • rigid printed circuit boards
  • flexible printed circuit boards
  • single layer to multilayer
  • Models for SMD assembly from 01005, fine pitch from 0.3mm, BGA and everything else
  • Highlight: Assembly area up to 1000 mm in length and 400 mm in width

In the PCB assembly, we can also assemble very small sections of belt so that even very small editions can be assembled using pick & place machine if desired.

We use reflow soldering for SMD under an inert gas atmosphere with internal nitrogen generation or using vapour phase.

We use solder machines for THT on separate lines – RoHS compliant as well as conventional (leaded).

If you want, you can provide us with your printed circuit boards or components.

Due to our extensive experience, the entire procurement and materials management is usually left to us. We can procure almost all the required components at cost-effective conditions from our supplier pool. Our staff is very well trained in manual and repair jobs as well as reworks. Modern rework equipment is available. Our entire range of services can be found here.

You can find the enquiry form for cable assembly and printed circuit boards here!